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transfer SEO – programmed – Royalty Free Stock Image from © Dreamstime.com New SEO Tag “canonical address tag” on Canonicalization Last period Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft declared support for a replacement link component to scrub up duplicate URLs on sites. The 3 Major search engines Google. NSN and Yahoo have close to support a replacement meta tag. It is terribly rare that 3 massive Boss link up on a similar issue. It should be one thing sensible, right?

Reduce the Negative Impact of Duplicate Content from Canonical URL’s The new meta tag deals with the canonicalization issue deals with multiple address ways that reference a similar content.

What is a canonical problem?

For those of you, United Nations agency doesn’t understand canonical problems; it is effectively a tag to handle multiple pages with a similar content but with totally different pursuit codes. The new tag conjointly helps to scale back duplicate content issues.

An example of this might be:



Here is, however, the meta tag appearance it ought to be placed on the head and can contain one address all link values would be awarded to the address expressed.

This merely works a bit like your alternative meta or link tags for CSS / link tags,it implies that you wish to feature the severally to open and shut the tag, the dynamically generated address parameters and also the page itself square measure all inform back to the first, which suggests your pages aren’t any longer fighting amongst themselves as duplicates.

The Canonical address tag attributes are {analogous is comparable} in such a lot of ways in which to a 301 direct from an SEO perspective.

In true sense, you’re telling the search engines that multiple pages ought to be thought of collectively (which a 301 does), while not truly redirecting guests to the new address

From an experienced SEO read that perspective duplicate content will seriously hurt your website page rankings mine by as well as the canonical tag you’ll be able to scale back the number of duplicate content.

Ensure that all duplicate address’s or pages square measure beneath one folder then you’ll be able to inform search engines exploitation the canonical tag that the contents of the folder is supposed to be duplicated and the URL you state within the tag can receive all the SEO link power that’s presently mushroomed across the duplicate URL’s and can facilitate your many duplicate content penalty problems at giant.

This new SEO canonical tag can facilitate to avoid all duplicate content problems and may be a good help for these exploitation ID sessions, use sorting choices of their product that cause presenting a similar content on totally different address addresses. It’s a good leap towards cleanup the programmed indexes from copies or duplicates of a similar content.

The well done massive boss of search engines!

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