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Our Law Firm SEO and Marketing Insight

When it comes to finding the best SEO for law firms it can be a difficult task. Below we will be providing you with some tips and advice to make sure that when you invest in an SEO for your law firm that it will return the ROI possible. Tip number one, Experience, though it may seem a common requirement but most individuals cannot tell the difference between and experience SEO and an inexperienced SEO, so below I provided three questions to ask, this was you can make sure that the law firm marketing is in good hands.


  1. What is the penguin 4.0 update?
  2. What are Googles two biggest ranking factors?
  3. Does My Site need to be mobile friendly to rank?


  1. To answer this question, you marketer will need to explain what the penguin penalty is, the penguin penalty triggers when Google believes that you are trying to game its system. I will provide an example below but for now, let’s continue to talk about the penalty. We know that the penalty triggers when Google believes you are trying to game its system the 4.0 update simply makes the penalty real time so instead of the penalty taking days or weeks to trigger it will trigger within hours but the important part is that it does not take months or a year to be free of the penalty but it happens within hours this is probably one of the most important pieces of information that Google has provided.

An example of the penguin penalty:

Penguin happens when Google decides that your Anchor text is an anomaly. Your anchor text profile is simply a profile of hyperlinks that point to your sites and what these links say.

Let’s say I wanted to rank for “Attorney SEO” well if I have 20 hyperlinks coming from other websites to my website and 18 out of 20 say “Attorney SEO” Then Google will take that and assume that I am doing SEO and penalize my website. Now, it would also do that for any rich keyword.

Rich keywords are phrases you would want to rank for on Google for instance “Lawyer SEO” “Law Firm SEO” or even something like “Search engine optimization for lawyers”.

Google will not give you a penguin penalty if you have brand name keywords. Brand name keywords are exactly what they sound like brand name link for example.

http://yourseoguys.com/law-firm-seo/ | “SEO Guys inc” | yourseoguys.com

Really anything to do with my websites URL or its brand name.

  1. Googles biggest ranking factors are the Domain name and the Anchor Text. Though it is true that Google does take into consideration over 200 factors only six to ten factors account for ninety percent of all rankings if you can get these six to ten factors down you will rank without any issues at all.
  1. Yes, your website must be mobile friendly to rank in Googles search rankings, now, while it is true your website will show on Google without it being mobile friendly it will not be on the first page and if you are not on the first page it really does not matter what page you are on then. In 2014 Google made it mandatory.

Tip #2 – Results:

Like the last one this may seem common but it like experience is a common one individuals do not ask for or if they do their question gets either disregarded or they hear something along the lines of “I cannot show results for my clients or something similar” while to some degree this may be true to protect your clients there is no reason why you cannot show reviews or recommendations. If you look at our menu bar you will see that we not only have reviews on the site but we have a link going back to my LinkedIn where I have an additional 20+ recommendation for you to see what clients think of me.

Tip #3 – Strategy:

Alright now we move on to tip number three, what is their strategy to get you ranked, while search engine optimization for attorneys can be a complex task that does not mean that it should be a vague, see when your law firm SEO expert gets to work you should know exactly what he is doing to rank you and your law firm. I cannot speak on other SEO’s behave all I can speak for is what SEO Guys Inc does when it comes to law firm marketing. Here is the process broke down.

  1. We create a project page for you on basecamp and get you full access to see what is we are doing at any given time. Inside you will find the following categories
    1. Quick Chats
    2. Message Boards
    3. To Do List
    4. Scheduling sections
    5. Weekly updates
    6. Doc and Files
  1. Next in you Law Firm SEO journey with us it to optimize your website to make sure that we make it as easy as possible for Google to find your website, what I mean by this is we will look at the Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL structure, Schema (if you have it) and much more.
  1. Once we take care of the on page factors my team and will make a protective wall if you will to make sure that your website if incapable of getting penalizes, I will tell you how we accomplish once my team reaches this point.
  1. Once we complete these steps we will continue to your Google my business listing and optimize your GMB for SEO.
  1. Finally, once we set up these steps which should take about 1 month to complete we will get down to the links and obtaining powerful links so that your website ranks and ranks well and for a long time.

Now this is just a quick overview of our law firm marketing strategy there are many more steps and details but we will discuss those when we are work is in motion.

Tip #4 – Reports And Communication:

Here is probably the make or break point. The contract and communication, let’s break these down. Firstly, the contract, typically the SEO you work with should have some sort of contract, most SEO’s will allow you to break the contract with little to no problem. If however, the SEO doesn’t allow you to break the contract run, any successful SEO’s will not hold a client hostage to the contract because we know that for that one client there are 5 that will pay even more for our service in his location. Then the communication a lot of SEO’s do not want nor feel it necessary to communicate with their client on a weekly basis, majority send a report once a month and call it a day the issue is then how does your firm know what they are doing? I personally use basecamp and report to my clients once a week with things that are getting done and my clients can ask me any questions they want through basecamp. But You must take into consideration that SEO is a month by month marketing not week by week yet that does not mean that work does not get completed weekly, some weeks you will not have any new updates because things need time to get picked up by Google. Also as a side note ask them how you will see your rankings? Do you have access to them 24/7 or not?

Tip #5 – Partner Or Worker?

This is not nearly talked as much as it should be, is the law firm SEO expert you hire a partner or a worker? You may be asking what is the difference? The difference is a worker will work their 7-3, 8-4, 9-5 Monday thru Friday and that is it as were a partner is invested in your business the more you grow the better it is for everyone. When doing search engine optimization for lawyers it is important to know what you are getting, do to the fact that doing SEO for Attorneys can be difficult because there is only so much business and even more attorneys fighting to obtain that business that picking between a worker seo versus a partner SEO can literally make or break your business. Think long and hard before you jump in with a 500 – 1,000 dollar seo because much like how the most experienced lawyers tend to have a higher price tag so do experienced SEO’s with results.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article/summary of the video above. While the page states we are a SEO’s for lawyers can provide law firm marketing to make sure that your firm succeeds not just your website. Now what the next steps are is to go to the discovery form and fill it out and I will get back to you with in twenty-four hours and we will talk about the next steps to making sure your Law Firms SEO or marketing dominates your area.